CONNECTIVITY  [con·nec·tiv·i·te] (n.) the state of being or being able to be connected.

Technology is a part of life and at the Emerging Technology Complex we have you covered!

Event Staff

  • Our friendly onsite technical support team is ready to demonstrate our easy “plug and play” system so that you can show your products and presentations on any screen or monitor.
  • Video Conferencing is no problem with a mobile center and onsite technical support.  We even have furniture that can be configured to accommodate a true video conference board room.
  • Standard in every space is a touch screen Crestron control panel that provides access to a screen, projector, document camera, Blu-Ray DVD player or even a place to plug and play your own system.
  • We know keeping connected to the office or your life is important. You will find several charging stations with a variety of ports to get you back online.
  • Digital signage throughout the facility will provide you with the "when" and "where."
  • Wi-fi is free throughout the facility with four simple steps.  If you want the ease of access for your guests, just ask.  We can set up a single step system customized for your meeting.
  • Other technology includes: various styles of wireless microphones, video camera, audio recording, sound mixer board, collaboration station (share a screen with up to four computers for group access), music, laptops, clickers, and conference phones.  We even have a motorized adjustable lectern to accommodate speakers of various heights.

Contact our Conference Center staff and let us get you started.
101 with rounds (2) small 203-3 and camera small Conference 101 Video Conference Kiosk Charging Station Meeting Room 102 Digital Signage Touch Panel Charging Tower Collaboration Station